63- Helder Coelho Dias – Portugal

Students’ comments
Dear Helder Coelho Dias,
I'm Christine.I'd like to thank you for your participation in our mail art Exhibition!!! Yor work is exceptional!!! Those faint colors at the right and left side contrast nicely with those vivid colors in the middle.
 Yours sincerely
Christine Arseni
Student in the third grade of junior high school

Artist’s comment
Hi Christine
Glad you like my work, and was a pleasure for me to participate, i only have a request, its possibly that you or someone take some pictures from the wall that will have all the mail art? i would be very happy if you could do me that favor, because I want to put one or two photos on my site about the event, and if possible that the photos were taken on opening day...Thanks

 Students’ comments
Dear Helder,
We will undoubtedly take some pictures on the opening day of the event! Not to mention that it's a great honor for us!!!Thank you so much.

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