58- Marianne Swart – Greece

Students’ comments
Dear Marianne Swart
,I'm Christina. I'd like to thank you for your participation in our mail art Exhbition!!!
What u've created it differs from the rest!But still excellent!!
Yours sincerely
Christine Arseni
Student in the third grade of junior high school
Artist’s comment
Thank you Christine!
It sure differs from the rest, because I work with textile. Lately I learned a nice new technique with a material called Tyvek. Tyvek is a kind of artificial soft white material, used for enveloppes, surfjackets, and material to conserve artpieces in musea. I paint this material with acryl paint and then I glue or sew other materials, like organza on it, and then with an iron I make it warm and then it transforms. These pieces I use to make my artpieces. I also make brooches, earrings and hangers with this material. I wish you and your school good luck with the mail art exhibition, I think it is a nice initiative!
with best regards,

Students’ comments
Dear Marianne,
Wow great!!!Thank you so much for the information provided!!! This technique sounds really interesting!!!It goes without saying that i've never heard of that before so i'm glad to learn about Tyvek, its uses and the process of creating such works of art!!!

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