48- Lancillotto Bellini – Italy

Students’ comments
Dear Lancillotto Bellini,
I'm Christine.I'd like to thank you for your participation in our mail art Exhibition!!! Your work is great!!! I really like those vivid colors!!!
 Yours sincerely
Christine Arseni
Student in the third grade of junior high school
Artist’s comment
Dear Christine,
 I'm glad you liked my work with the brightly colors.
As you know  colors is life... I'm an Italian painter
and engraver and i like very much making drawings
and using  vivid colors like those you liked...
 With the very best wishes...
 Lancillotto Bellini
Students’ comments
Dear Lancillotto Bellini
You are right!!..I think that you are a happy person since you use vivid colors!Are you an engraver too??That's great!!! We were taught about engraving a couple of weeks ago and i find this to be so interesting but i think there's difficulty in learning the technique..However more often than not the result is perfect and i feel that it's worth the time.
Yours sincerely

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