9- Domenico Severino-Italy

Students’ comments
Dear Domenico Severino,
Thank you so much for your participation in our mail art Exhibition!Your work is exceptional!!! It undoubtedly represents the main theme:"Unity in Diversity".
 Yours sincerely,
Christine Arseni
Student in the 3rd grade of Junior High School 
Artist’s comment
Dear Arseni Christine,
 thank you very much for your comments regarding my work, I am happy that they have arised in you these good impressions. THANKS!
 When you do other projects, please inform me I will be happy to participate.
 A big hello from Pompeii, all of you.

Students’ comments
Dear Domenico Severino, thank you for your artwork. I like the way you use to express art, by copying and pasting photos and text. Thank you for sharing this fine artwork with us!
Gkountouras   Johnny (2nd grade student)

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