13- Patrizia TICTAC –Germany

Students’ comments:

Dear Patricia Tictac,
I am a student in the third grade of junior high school. You are from Germany. I have to say that I love your work as much as  I love Germany. I think that your work with the shells and the expression" all the same but different" is amazing. Very modern and from my point of view I think that it totally represents our topic" unity in diversity. We are so grateful for helping us to make our exhibition.
Greetings from Greece
Victoria Korkosova

Artist’s comment:

Dear Victoria
Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm delighted to hear that my work made a good contribution to your project. I believe too that we can all live together in peace if we learn to respect differences.I think you all did a great job choosing this topic for your beautiful project. Germany is indeed a beautiful country. I am italian, though, and I am very happy to live in this beautiful lake region in the south of Bavaria.Best wishes to you for your studies

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